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Welcome to Real Beauty All Ages by Alexis Neusch. With my love for all things beauty I launched this website in order to  showcase my artistry skills, share my thoughts and experiences & connect with some amazing people. I knew that making others feel beautiful was my passion from a young age and I’m proud to offer my clients and readers the very best in the world of beauty. Check out my services, read my blog for transparent and honest opinions, or get in touch today to connect.

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Love Yourself Lip Balm


I know that self love is vital and beauty is more than skin deep. However it is often overlooked when it comes to mental health.

Formulated for the driest of lips, Love Yourself Lip Balm wants to reinforce a positive self image and remind you that it is okay to be exactly who you are.

10% of profits from this product will benefit Mental Health Awareness.


Use your makeup to enhance your features, not hide your face.



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