• Alexis Neusch

10 simple & easy beauty tips you must never forget.

1. Wash your face.

I know we all forget sometimes but try not be gross & let your skin breathe at least once a day. Twice if you wear make-up. Adding a toner or softening lotion can also change your life once you find the right one.

2. Moisturizer is your friend no matter what skin type you are.

Do something for your skin, it literally does so much for you!

A separate eye cream is also significant and practical if you want to look younger for longer. The eyes are the first thing to age on the face and hydration is the key to keeping skin looking youthful.

3. Drink Water.

Water on the body, water in the body, water is key. Dehydration can be a serious issue for many health related problems. The same is true if you want your hair, skin, and body to look healthy, you must hydrate.

4. Pimples are temporary, scars are forever.

Resist! I know its so tempting but don't do it! Scars and hyperpigmentation are no fun. If you have a serious acne problem go to a doctor and if not keep calm and use some salicylic acid to dry that sh*t out.

5. Sun screen all day every day.

I'll just leave this here:


The sun is reallllllllllly bad for your skin to say the least. Also, there are UV lights in most of the buildings we live and work in did you know that CRAZY!! Try a self tanner.

6. Treat yourself to a facial at least once a month.

C'mon you know you deserve it! It doesn't even matter if its at home or at the spa just do something. If possible get on an entire skincare regimen and try to do a mini facial 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type. Trust me, your make-up will go on SO much better and your skin will love you for years to come.

7. Make-Up will only look as good as the skin you have underneath and you know it.

Unfortunately life is not all Instagram filters and Photoshop. Taking care of your skin is so overlooked when it comes to cosmetics. With constant new make-up trends being shown on youtube and new brands releasing product at a tremendous rate, it is easy to get caught up in the beautiful make-up but we must remember. The prep is what will make the foundation great and only from there can you build.

8. When in Doubt Blend it Out

In my time as a make-up artist I have noticed that this is a tricky one for a lot of people. Here's my advice: Don't use so much (especially dark) product if you don't have the time to blend, blend, and blend some more. This can take some practice but it's not too difficult with the right tools and a little time on your hands.

9. Confidence is key

Estee Lauder once said: "Confidence Breeds Beauty"

Bobbi Brown also had a campaign last year right before she left the company: She believed that the secret to beauty is simple: Be Who You Are

"Beauty isn't about looking Perfect, It's about celebrating your individuality"

-Bobbi Brown

So do/wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident; Who are you living for anyway?

10. Happy is Beautiful

Remember, even on bad days, we still have lipstick and wine. So, smile once in a while everyone looks prettier when they're happy.

Bonus Rule (My opinion): When applying make-up remember that you're beautiful the way God created you and you don't need to look like someone else or follow every new beauty trend you see. Focus on what makes you happy and beauty will shine through you :]


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