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Drink More Water This Year with these 7+ Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated

In my last post, I mentioned the importance of staying hydrated and how vital it is for your overall beauty and wellness. I know I personally I don't really like the taste of water unless I wake up super thirsty in the middle of the night and even then I usually just chug and fall right back asleep.  I have been trying way harder to drink a ton more water and have actually been pretty successful thanks to adding different fruits, veggies, and herbs into my water. These simple combinations have made drinking 72 oz a day a simply refreshing and easy task. Plus there's added health benefits!

Here's some game changing infused water combinations I love:

1. Watermelon/Cucumber

2. Strawberry/Pineapple



5. Frozen Grapes/Lemon

Red or green grapes work! Frozen Grapes are also a great treat for when you are craving something sweet and can't afford to eat an entire pint of ice cream. Same difference, its still frozen sugar.

6. Cucumber, Mint, Jalapeño

Also one of my favorites in alcohol.

7.Orange, Blueberry, Basil

You can also add Herbs to any of these waters to give it an extra kick.

Basil, Mint,Cilantro (great with citris), Rosemary, or even some edible flowers will enhance the taste and make for a nice garnish. (Use s tea strainer after gathering any herbs you are using)

Some simple instructions on making infused water:

Wash your ingredients & try to use organic fruitUse cold or room temperature water and try to keep water that way, heat will make the ingredients break up faster.The more dense the ingredient the slower it will release flavorYou can use any sized container but will have to replace the fruit after 24 hours.The water should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.Personally I like to fill my water again when it's halfway full. This will help you use less fruit while still being able to get the most taste for the longest amount of time. It will also keep the water cold. Here's some cute reusable water bottles with some different color and size options that you can take on the go with you(They also won't break the bank)

Last but not least, have fun and try new things!

(like maybe some ginger root)

Happy Hydrating Loves!

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